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As a result of system upgrades, some users will be required to make changes to their email accounts. You should NOT make changes if your email address looks like one of the following:

  • yourname@acadia.net
  • yourname@ime.net
  • yourname@lamere.net
  • yourname@link2usa.com
  • yourname@prexar.com
  • yourname@nci1.net
  • yourname@nci2.net
  • yourname@nci3.net
  • yourname@wtvl.net

If your address doesn't match one of these, please make the following changes to the server settings in your email program. If you have any problems, feel free to contact support.

**Important Note**

If you need any assistance configuring your email program, we have instructions and toll-free support numbers available.

  1. Your login name should be the same as your email address
  2. Your outgoing (SMTP) mail server will be
  3. Your incoming (POP3 or IMAP) server will be